Help the "Lost Liberty Hotel" project move forward:

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Help us launch The Lexington League TV show:

1. Tell TV stations "I want The Lexington League"
Tell station managers you want to see it. If the show is not broadcast in your city please write to your local TV station’s "program director" or "programming buyer" and tell them you want to watch The Lexington League. This site will eventually contain a list of the names and addresses of station managers, searchable by state and city.

2. Encourage national and local advertisers to sponsor.
Every city has a few large advertisers that spend a great deal of money on television advertising. Perhaps it’s a car dealership, jewelry shop or mattress store. Write them a letter suggesting that they sponsor The Lexington League. We support economic freedom and expose many of the laws the oppress business owners. Local sponsors will encourage local stations to carry the show. Also write to national advertisers suggesting they advertise on The Lexington League. National sponsors will make it possible for us to profitably produce the show for years to come.

3. Buy merchandise
Soon we will have an online store filled items carrying the The Lexington League logo on the Buy show gifts page.