The Principles of Story Selection

These presentations explain the philosophic principles which guide our story selection:

The Philosophy of Liberty (animated)

The Capitalism Tour (slide show)

They are hosted by other websites so be sure to return here after viewing them.

Suggest A Story

The injustices of government are many, brave challengers are few. These few are the individuals we seek to cover. If you know a person or story we should cover e-mail and put "Lexington League Story Suggestion" in the subject.

The Lexington League will cover stories of people challenging laws that prohibit them from engaging in activities that do not involve the initiation of force or fraud. For example laws that…

...prohibit freedom of speech when someone is using their own money, facilities or space.
...prohibit them from putting something into their own body
...prohibit consensual trade between adults or laws that require permission from the government
...prohibit them from building on their own land
...force one person to pay another person's bills or to pay for improper government activites
...prohibit them from competing with a government monopoly

We will also cover the passage of shocking new laws that abuse the power of government and take away even more freedom.

Actual Stories We Would Cover (or did cover)

  1. John Thoburn refused to plant more shrubs on his own land, jailed 6 months
  2. Ang Sung Suu Kyi led protests against the dictatorship in Burma
  3. Alberta farmers defied law by selling wheat to U.S. buyer and were arrested
  4. Institute for Justice staff sleeps in person's house to stop city bulldozers
  5. Jason Simpson risked jail by flying American flags at his Peoria car dealership
  6. Thousands protest Marxist policies of Venezuala's Hugo Chavez
  7. Jack Kevorkian broke Michigan's assisted suicide law on camera
  8. Oswaldo Paya Sardinas circulates Varela petition demanding freedom in Cuba
  9. The 1989 Chinese student uprising at Tiananmen Square
  10. Thana Minion keeps feeding deer on her own land and keeps getting arrested
  11. Legislator Rick Stanley was arrested for exercising his right to bear arms
  12. Man in Lexington League demo video smuggles in anti-cancer drug from Europe
  13. Woman in Oregon offers taxi rides without license challenging the law
  14. AIDS activist defies FDA, collects unused AIDS drugs and ships to Africa
  15. Seattle man defies taxi code by serving customers in Elvis outfit
  16. Woman in Lexington League demo video takes banned substance to cure insomnia
  17. Students in Iran take to the streets to protest their oppressive dictatorship

Legal Disclaimer

We are not encouraging anyone to break a law. Furthermore, people who are considering breaking laws should be aware that imprisonment, financial penalties and other negative consequences may result. Our show will simply cover people who have already decided to challenge unjust laws. In this way we are no different than any other news media. We are simply specializing in our coverage. As with all media our role will be to record the ideas and actions of people on the show and to comment on the larger philosophic questions involved. We hope to start a great global discussion about the proper role of government. We are not seeking to promote disagreement with laws in general. An ethical society requires laws to protect people against the initiation of force and fraud, and to arbitrate disputes.